Hy’s 17. Mai Grillpakka


Hy’s special ready-to-put-on-grill package for 2 people: 8 skewers, 5 different tastes, 3 types of sauce, that surely will explode your tastebuds this 17th of May.

Make this 17th of May a bit special with an explosion of Hy’s tasty ready-to-grill skewers and sauciness. One package for 2 people include:

– 2 skewers of char siu pork
– 2 skewers of curry chicken
– 1 skewer lemongrass pork + 1 skewer kimchee bacon
– 1 skewer spicy lemon shrimp + 1 skewer scallop

– Teriyaki sauce
– Sesame mayonnaise
– Spicy sour sauce


Traces of allergies found in the marinades:
– Char siu pork + lemongrass pork: soya
– Kimchee bacon: fisk


How to order

Use the contact form below to send us a request for order before 12pm – 14th of May. You can choose to pick up at our shop at Lørenveien 66 or have it delivered straight to your door for 59,- (only within Ring 3) on 16th of May. If you have any special requests, please indicate in the Message box below or send us an email to post@hysstreetfood.no for any questions. Once we have received your request, we will get back to your instructions on payment.

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